Stand for Public Education

Public Education lifts everyone up!

Public Education lifts everyone up!

A strong public education gives all children the opportunity to reach their full potential. 

Children deserve the learning conditions and supports they need to thrive. That’s why we are building a coalition of people and organizations to advocate for:

  • Safe and inclusive public schools that bring together students from diverse backgrounds 
  • Well-funded classrooms with small class sizes and appropriate supports for all students
  • Strong curriculum that prepares students for success now and in the future

As educational assistants and other supports are removed, far too many teachers struggle to address the learning needs of their students. All students deserve to be set up for success.

Now is the time to put forward a strong vision for public education. It’s time to advocate for reduced class sizes, appropriate funding, and modern curriculum.

By standing together, we will make our demand for a strong public education system heard.

Join our fight for better public education in Alberta.